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Possible Hero:108 recordsEdit

1st squadEdit

  • Lin chung- the best fighter in big green.
  • Jumpy Ghostface- the cutest character in the show and the 2nd best fighter of big green.
  • Mystique Sonia- one of the most amuzing characters in the show (because of her beauty) and the 3rd fighter of Big Green.
  • Mighty Ray- one of the most amuzing characters in the show (because he wants to be the most powerfull fighter in big green) but he's the 4th fighter of big green and the last of the 1st squad.

2nd squadEdit

  • [i actually don't remember a lot so post your discusses over here]


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Today's PictureEdit

Out of curiousity, does this wiki actually have an steady editors? Because I sorta think, as little as it is. This segment/section needs attention. For a few months that I've began to watch this series, I've visted this wiki many times to see its the same exact image and description. Again its not much, but I think that if its TODAY'S picture then it should be changed... you know? Chrismh 03:29, January 2, 2012 (UTC)