Tank Army
Tank Army 2
Basic Information
Leader Tank Commander
Affiliations Big Green
First Appearance Rabbit Castle

The Tank Army is the army who has the oddly shaped tanks. Their leader, the Tank Commander, tends to cry a lot when losing a tank or when needing a tank. Gardener Ching uses his tears to make the tanks grow very quickly. They also have a few special attacks. The Skywheel Tank was used to fend off the Chameleons in "Chameleon Castle", and also to try and make the cats laugh, in "Cat Castle", but it didn't & made them cough up what was making them feel bad, which was hairballs.


There aren't any notable, specific of the Tank Army. In "Liger Castle", one of the members had a crush on Mystique Sonia, and when he admitted to her that he loved her, he turned into a Yaksha after he said it 3 times, due to a spell placed on her.