The 108 Heroes are the Heroes of Big form the entire Big Green army.

108 Heroes ListEdit

As many have already noticed, many characters in Hero: 108 are based on character in the 14th century Chinese novel Water Margin (水滸傳). More specifically, many Hero number corresponds to rank in the 108 Stars of Destiny (天導一百零八星). Some of the link is quite clever so I decide to write a list to see how these could be related.

The nickname are based on the entry at Wikipedia.

How I determine the relationship between 108 Heroes and 108 Stars of Destiny in Water Margin:Edit

  • The Hero number are based on previous page - I haven't check if they are all correct. So feel free to change these if you see a mistake.
  • Most Heroes have a number that corresponds to the ranking to 108 Stars of Destiny. There are some exception like the sailor brothers, which not rank consecutively in the novel but are (at least according to previous page) in Hero: 108.
  • Many main characters, (e.g. Commander ApeTrully, members of First Squad, Sparky Black/White etc) have character card that has same name as character's name or nickname in Water Margin (See examples at TVtropes) Even High Roller (高球) corresponds to Gao Qiu (高俅), the main antagonist in Water Margin? (is "tall/high" in Chinese. 球 is "ball" in Chinese, and has same phonetic to 俅)?
  • Some might be linked through character's nickname in the novel. For example, #075 Turtle King could correspond with Tao Zongwang, 75th stars of destiny and has the nickname of "Nine Tailed Turtle"
  • Some might be related by the ranking and their role in Big Green Army - e.g. most member of the Airforce corresponds to characters that can be related to flying/sky in their nickname
  • Those marked with (?) is purely a guess, based on direct match between their number and the rank in 108 Stars of Destiny. Feel free to change this/provide explaination in note if you can find a better link.

# In Hero: 108 Corresponding character in Water Margin Nickname Rank in 108 Stars of Destiny Notes
001 Commander ApeTrully Song Jiang

Timely Rain (及時雨)

1 Song Jiang gives money to almost everyone he meets, much like ApeTrully's attempted gifts of gold ("Timely Rain" refers to Song Jiang's generosity and good will). Both characters constantly get captured and are only saved thanks to other heroes. Both are the leaders of their respective armies. ApeTrully was originally called "Song Chiang" in the Chinese dub, and "Chiang" is a romanised form of "Jiang".
002 Giraffe King

(?) Lu Junyi

Jade Unicorn 2 Lu Junyi's nickname is 玉麒麟. The word 麒麟 or "qilin" is usually translated into English as "unicorn," but in it's actually a very different mythical creature, often depicted as a giraffe-like animal. In modern times "qilin" is the same word used for "giraffe" in China, Japan, and Korea.
003 Woo the Wise Wu Yong Resourceful Star (智多星) 3 In the novel, Wu Yong often thinks to himself about his strategies and how confident he is they will succeed. Woo the Wise, however, only thinks about how bad his ideas are and how he thinks his plans will fail. Also, Wu Yong is good friends with Song Jiang, much like Woo the Wise is with Commander ApeTrully.
004 Slug King

(?) Gongsun Sheng

Dragon in the Clouds 4
005 Red Face Kwan Guan Sheng Great Blade 5 Red-Face Kwan a direct reference to Guan Yu, who is also ancestor of Guan Sheng
006 Lin Chung Lin Chong Panther Head (豹子頭) 6

Lin Chung's only power at the beginning of the series is his "Panther Vision," a reference to the character's nickname in the novel. Also, their names are almost alike, but one letter.

007 Cat King

(?) Qin Ming

Fiery Thunderbolt 7 Cat King attacks with firecrackers. The pop and flash of a firecracker is much like a  "fiery thunderbolt."
008 Octopus King

(?) Huyan Zhuo

Double Clubs 8
009 Archer Lee Hua Rong Little Flying General 9 Hua Rong is renowned for his skill in archery, Also note the character 花 (Hua) in Archer Lee's helmet
010 Oyster-Rhana King (?) Chai Jin Little Whirlwind 10
011 Eagle King Li Ying Striking Hawk 11
012 Porcupine King

(?) Zhu Tong

Lord of the Beautiful Beard 12
013 Fruiter Lu Zhishen Flowery Monk 13 Both Lu Zhishen (Lu Da) and the Fruiter wield a monk's spade. Lu Da is charged with defending a garden, while the Fruiter defends a grove.
014 Wu Song Wu Song Pilgrim 14 Both Wu Songs search for their brother. Ironically, Wu Song in Hero 108 helps the tigers with their toothaches, while Wu Song in the novel punches a tiger to death and earns the title "Tiger-Killer."
015 Ox King

(?) Dong Ping

General of Double Spears 15
016 Egret Queen Zhang Qing Featherless Arrow 16
017 Sea Elephant King

(?) Yang Zhi

Blue Faced Beast 17
018 Ant Queen

(?) Xu Ning

Gold Lancer 18
019 Skunk King

(?) Suo Chao

Impatient Vanguard 19
020 Mr. No Hands Dai Zong Magic Traveller (神行太保) 20 Known to have a special magical ability which allows him to travel long distances at superhuman speed and stamina. Also note the character 神行 on Mr. No Hands. Dai Zong was a prison warden, while Mr. No Hands is shackled in a wooden rack. These racks were regularly worn by prisoners in ancient China, and they appear throughout the novel.
021 Yak King

(?) Liu Tang

Red Haired Devil 21 Yak King also has red hair.
022 Hurricane Lee Li Kui Black Whirlwind 22 Hurricane Lee is nearly identical to Li Kui the Black Whirlwind in appearance. They both wield dual axes, are mostly nude, have wild black hair, a beard, and swarthy skintone. Their personalities are also quite similar: They're both very jolly and loyal. However, in the novel, Li Kui is a violent psychopath who loves to murder.
023 Kowloon Shi Jin Nine Tattooed Dragons 23 "Kowloon" can be translated into "nine dragon" in Chinese. Shi Jin also has Dragon tattoos on his body, much like Kowloon does.
024 Parrot King

(?) Mu Hong

Unrestrained 24
025 Mighty Ray Lei Heng Winged Tiger (插翅虎) 25 "Lei" (雷) means thunder in Chinese
026 Stingray King

(?) Li Jun

River Dragon 26 Navy leader of Liangshan
027 Blowfish King

(?) Zhang Shun

White Stripes in the Waves 30 Navy leader of Liangshan




Sailor Brother #1

Sailor Brother #2

Sailor Brother #3

Ruan Xiaoer,

Ruan Xiaowu,

Ruan Xiaoqi

Tai Su Who Stands His Ground,

Short-lived Second Brother,

Living King Yama


In the novel they are 3 brothers of former fishermen, later become navy leader of Liangshan. Sailor Brothers also has characters 二, 五and 七 on their cloak, which corresponds to "Er", "Wu" and "Qi" in Chinese.

031 Shark King (?)

Zhang Heng

Boatman 28

Former pirate, Navy leader of Liangshan

032 Hyena King

(?) Yang Xiong

Sick Guan Suo 32
033 Barbet King

(?) Shi Xiu

Daredevil Third Brother 33
034 Snake King Xie Zhen Double-headed Serpent 34
035 Scorpion King Xie Bao Twin-tailed Scorpion 35
036 Yan Ching Yan Qing Prodigal 36
037 Hen Queen

(?) Zhu Wu

Resourceful Strategist 37
038 Rhino King

(?) Huang Xin

Guardian of Three Mountains 38
039 Chameleon Queen

(?) Sun Li

Sick Yuchi 39
040 Swamp Hippo King

(?) Xuan Zan

Ugly Prince Consort 40
041 Dog King Hao Siwen Wood Dog of Well 41
042 Pig King

(?) Han Tao

General of Hundred Victories 42
043 Bat King Peng Qi General of Heavenly Vision 43
044 Sammo Whale Shan Tinggui General of Sacred Water 44
045 Lion King

(?) Wei Dingguo

General of Holy Fire 45
046 Camel King

(?) Xiao Rang

Sacred Handed Scholar 46
047 Spider King

(?) Pe Xuan

Iron Face 47
048 Seagull Prince Ou Peng Golden Wings Brushing Against the Clouds 48 "Ou" (歐) has the same phonetic to gull (鷗) in Chinese. "Peng" (鹏) is a mythical bird
049 Lizard King

(?) Deng Fei

Fiery Eyed Lion 49
050 Tiger King Yan Shun Multicoloured Tiger 50
051 Cheetah Queen Yang Lin Multicoloured Leopard 51
052 Bearstomp Ling Zhen Heaven Shaking Thunder 52 Ling Zhen is the cannons expert of Liangshan, in charge of all their signal cannons. Bearstomp has a small cannon on his helmet that shoots cannonballs.
053 Flying Squirrel King

(?) Jiang Jing

Divine Mathematician 53
054 Groundhog King

(?) Lü Fang

Little Marquis of Wen 54 Lu Fang donned red armor, while Groundhog King is the only red groundhog in his kingdom.
055 Air Defence Captain

(?) Guo Sheng

Comparable to Rengui 55 Known to don white armour and rides on white steed
056 Leech King

(?) An Daoquan

Divine Physician 56 Physician of Liangshan - leech was used in medicine
057 Rock Caterpillar King/Queen

(?) Huangfu Duan

Purple Bearded Count 57
058 Alpaca King

(?) Wang Ying

Stumpy Tiger 58
059 Lady Green Hu Sanniang Ten Feet of Blue 59 One of the 3 female character in 108 Stars of Destiny. "Ten Feet of Blue" refers to 10 feet blue/green snake in the novel. Others interpret her nickname as "Ten Feet of Steel," referring to her dual 5-foot long sabers. Lady Green also wields two sword-like weapons. Hu Sanniang is among the most powerful of the Liangshan bandits, able to fight off multiple heroes at once. Likewise, Lady Green is one of Big Green's most skilled fighters. Hu Sanniang is also described to be beautiful, with others becoming infatuated with her, like Mighty Ray did with Lady Green.
060 Fox King

(?) Bao Xu

God of Death 60
061 Roto-Wolf King

(?) Fan Rui

Demon King of Chaos 61
062 Sparky White Kong Ming

Hairy Star (毛頭星)

063 Sparky Black Kong Liang

Lonely Fiery Star (獨火星)

63 Besides being brothers, the Zebra brothers don't have anything in common with the Kong brothers. The Zebra brothers bear a vague resemblance to Dong Chao and Xue Ba, two cruel but stupid henchmen who work for Marshal Gao.
064 Crab King Xiang Chong Eight-armed Nezha 64
065 Burly

(?) Li Gun

Sky Soaring Great Sage 65 Air force?
066 Duckbill King

(?) Jin Dajian

Jade Armed Craftsman 66
067 Panda King

(?) Ma Lin

Iron Flute Deity 67
068 Lantern Fish King

(?) Tong Wei

Cave Emerging Dragon 68
069 Flying Fish King

(?) Tong Meng

River Churning Clam 69
070 Origin Man (?)

Meng Kang

Jade Flagpole 70
071 Baboon King

Hou Jian

Long Armed Ape 71
072 Seahorse Prince (?)

Chen Da

Stream Leaping Tiger 72
073 Rattle Diva

(?) Yang Chun

White Flower Serpent 73 Rattle snake?
074 Crane King (?)

Zheng Tianshou

Fair Skinned Gentleman 74
075 Turtle King Tao Zongwang Nine Tailed Turtle 75
076 Peacock Queen Song Qing Iron Fan 76 Banquet organiser, fan.
077 Frog King

(?) Yue He

Iron Whistle 77 Yue He is a skilled musician and exceptional singer. The Frog King and his frogs have magic singing powers. The frogs use their singing as a weapon when they fight the DoReMi Band and in "musical combat."
078 Polar Bear King

(?) Gong Wang

Flowery Necked Tiger 78
079 Koala King

(?) Ding Desun

Arrow-hit Tiger 79
080 Penguin King

(?) Mu Chun

Little Restrained 80
081 Hermit Crab King

(?) Cao Zheng

Knife Wielding Demon 81
082 Beetle King

(?) Song Wan

Giant in the Clouds 82
083 Mano Du Qian Touching the Sky 83 Airforce. Du Qian's nickname comes from his height, and likewise, Mano is the tallest member of Big Green's airforce.
084 Sloth King

(?) Xue Yong

Sick Tiger 84
085 Tank Commander

(?) Li Zhong

Tiger Slaying General 85,86*
086 Master Chou

Zhou Tong

Little Conqueror 86,87*
087 Cheetah King Tang Long Gold Coin Spotted Leopard 87,88*
088 Jumpy Ghostface Du Xing Demon Face
089 Deer King

(?) Zou Yuan

Forest Emerging Dragon 89,90*
090 Owl King

(?) Zou Run

Single-horned Dragon 90,91*
091 Crocodile King Zhu Gui Dry Land Alligator 91,92*
092 Jellyfish King

(?) Zhu Fu

Smiling Tiger 92,93*
093 Golden Eye Husky Shi En Golden Eyed Tiger Cub 93,85*
094 Gorilla King Cai Fu Iron Arm 94
095 Sheep Queen

(?) Cai Qing

Stalk of Flower 95
096 Commander of Darkness Li Li Life Taking Judge 96 In taoism, buddism and Chinese folklores, "judge" (判官) often related to "final and eternal judgement." In the novel, Li Li is a cannibal butcher that uses potions to knock out and wake up his victims, similar to Commander of Darkness's skill with potions.
097 Wasp King

(?) Li Yun

Green Eyed Tiger 97
098 Star-Nosed Mole King

(?) Jiao Ting

Faceless 98
099 Armadillo King

(?) Shi Yong

Stone General 99
100 Pangolin Queen

(?) Sun Xin

Little Yuchi 100 Sun Xin is younger brother of Sun Lin, who maybe correpond to Chameleon Queen
101 Alpha Girl Gu Dasao Female Tiger 101 One of the 3 female character in 108 Stars of Destiny. Alpha Girl wears tiger-print clothes and her sharp claws and teeth give her a wild tigress look. Gu Dasao is also described to have a fiery temper, which Alpha Girl has as well.
102 Gardener Ching Zhang Qing Gardener 102
103 Mystique Sonia Sun Erniang Female Yaksha (母夜叉) 103 One of the 3 female characters in 108 Stars of Destiny. A former tavern owner. Also, Yaksha. Sun Erniang made meat buns by capturing and butchering people in her tavern. Mystique Sonia also makes buns, but fortunately not out of humans. We hope.
104 Rosefinch

(?) Wang Dingliu

Living Goddess of Lightning 104 Airforce. Note that while Wang Dingliu's nickname is indeed Living Goddess of Lightning, he is actually male in the novel.
105 Elephant King Yu Baosi God of the Dangerous Road 105 Yu Baosi is known for his gigantic build
106 Hamster King Bai Sheng Daylight Rat 106
107 Kangaroo King Shi Qian Flea on a Drum 107 Jumping?
108 Bronze Giant

(?)' Duan Jingzhu

Golden Haired Hound 108 Maybe not related to novel
  • In some version of the novel Shi En is ranked as 85th instead of 93rd star of destiny, so those ranked between 85 to 93 can be shift by one