The demons firing a transformation laser.

The Demons appear in "Pitched Battle of the Tank Army". In the episode High Roller and Big Green were fighting for the legendary treasure, a chest that was in the mouth of a carnivorous plant which held the key to summoning powerful demons that had the power to turn Humans into animals. The box held two diamonds: a red one and a blue one and a bar. To summon the demons one must make a barbell out of them and lift it 100 times. Once High Roller did this he called forth the two demons. High Roller gave them the order they turned all the humans into animals including High Roller much to his dismay. However, still angry, the plants attacked High Roller and the zebras but the demons turned the plants into flowers but not before the carnivorous plants threw up a rock which crushed the demons after they'd transformed them. This turned everyone back to normal and High Roller broke the barbell, still disappointed with the demons' performance.


The Demons look like rather cartoonish, crudely drawn people. One is red and the other is cyan. They are very large, and both identical , except for their colours.


  • The demons are deceased, as of their only appearance, "Pitched Battle of the Tank Army".
    • The Demons themselves were actually the cause of their passing. They transformed the Carnivorous Plants which caused a rock to fly up and crush them.
  • Their colours (cyan and red) correspond with Twin Masters, the Zebra Brothers' Ghost Lanterns, the diamonds of the barbell in the treasure, and the lenses of 3D glasses.
    • their colours and the shattered diamonds of the barbell is how Lin Chung discovered 3D and made 3D glasses.