Basic Information
King Tiger King
Allies Tiger King, Eachother, Big Green, HighRoller (formerly)
Enemies HighRoller, Zebra Brothers, Humans (formerly).

Tigers complete the other physical half of Ligers, along with the Lions. They cannot breathe fire, but they have the stripes and tough skin of the Ligers. But, as to be expected, they do not have the manes of the Ligers and Lions. In their episode, they have a train which they run. This can also be used as a weapon for ramming into those that get in its way, and, when stuck in what appeared to be a half pipe, it was shown to be capable of manipulating age, turning its passengers old if they went forward too fast, and back again when they went backwards at the same velocity. This proved to be a problem when Lin Chung was stuck as an old man (he was eventually turned back). The tigers' favorite weapons are tops which they can hurl at opponents to strike them or to turn them into squiggly blobs. It is later revealed that there is a Tiger King in Pangolin Castle. Tiger king was revealed when Mighty Ray set the alarm which called him along with Crocodile King and Baboon King to find the person who ate Mighty Ray's peanut butter. Also Food is constantly getting caught between the tigers teeth. Note that the Tiger King is the orange tiger and if you look closely, you'll see he is a tiny bit bigger than his army, just like a normal tiger.